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Handling M Size board, G-Star is adept at delivering all your business needs. It successfully attained 01005 miniature printing. Through full contact with the stencil, our improved cleaning system ensures that any remaining paste in the mesh will be eliminated before printing. The 2D paste inspection function is able to detect insufficient paste, bridging and other defects. G-Star is also equipped with top and motorized side clamp, thereby ensuring superior printing quality.

Maximum Board Size 400mm x 340mm
Minimum Board Size 50mm x 50mm
Board Thickness 0.4~6mm
Maximum Board Weight 3kg
Board Edge Clearance 3mm
Board Height 15mm
Transport Height 900 ± 40mm
Transport Speed Subsection Control. 1500mm/s (max)
Board Clamp Top clamp (manual) and motorized side clamp
Support System Magnetic support pins, bars, blocks, vacuum suction