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◆ Inspection Machine
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • SMT 2D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system
  • 5 Million Pixels full colour CCD camera
  • High inspecting speed
  • Stroboscopic Ring Pagoda RGBW four color ring light source
  • Analysis of error distribution
  • DPPM Change and Confirmation of NG point functions
  • Automatic generation of statistical analysis and data reports
  • Accurate and comprehensive feature extraction method
  • High detection rate and stability
PCB Dimension 50mm x 50mm- 415mm x 300mm
PCB Thickness 0.6mm-4.5mm
Height Top: 35mm. Bottom: 50mm.
Bent < 3mm
FOV (Field of View) 38.4mm x 32mm
Speed 0.25sec/FOV
Optical Lens Telecentric Optical Lens
Light-Source Four Color Ring Light Source
Smallest Component 01005/0201 (inch), 0.3mm IC pitch
Table Speed 900mm/s