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◆ Inspection Machine
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  • SMT 2D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system
  • Optical Inspection Equipment with RGBW Four Color Light Source; With the Function of Poor Distribution, DPPM Variation Analysis and Current Poor Point Information Checking
  • Automatic Generation of Statistic Analysis and Data Report, Getting Craft Information at Real Time
  • Two Different PCB Inspected at the Same Time, Flexible Supplying Two Different Production Lines
  • Realizing Mutual Board Enter Testing at No Stop Situation, Saving the Time of Board Taking and putting, Production Efficiency Boosted Distinctly Via the Integration of Different Color Channel, Get Visualized and Convenient Programming, Have Higher Detection Rate and Lower, Stable Misinformation
PCB Size Dual line, Double table 50x600mm~250x350mm
PCB thickness 0.5mm~5.0mm
PCB component height Top: 35mm; Bottom: 110mm
PCB warping extent Less than 3mm is acceptable
Resolution Standard:28 um/Pixel,Option:20um/Pixel
FOV 44*33mm
Speed 0.25 sec/FOV
Camera Spec Digital HD Cameras, 2 Mega Pixel CCD Camera
Optical lens Japan Seiwa CCTV lens
Light source RGB+W Four color ring light source
Dimension 1105*1375*1445mm