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◆ Cleaning Machine
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  • Cleaning room equipped with visual window, cleaning process be clear at a glance
  • Solve the small size of PCBA in the cleaning process by spray under high pressure collision, splash problem
  • Greatly increased cleaning efficiency., shorten cleaning time.
  • According to different PCBA model set with different process parameters, quick edit and variety of different process parameters can be stored program, including: solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinse times/time, rinse temperature, dry time, drying temperature, conductivity monitoring parameters, etc.
Clean Basket Size Max 645mm(L) × 560mm(W) × 100mm(H), 2layers.
Dilution Tank Capacity Max 60L
Concentrate Tank Capacity 30L
Spray Tank Capacity 17L
Cleaning Time 5~30 Minutes (reference)
Cleaning Liquid Isolation Time 1~3 Minutes
Rinsing Time 1-2 Minutes (reference)
Drying Time 20~40 Minutes (reference)
Cleaning Liquid Recovery Filter 1μm (filter tiny impurities: solder paste, flux, rosin and pollutants)
Rinsing Liquid Discharge Filter 5μm (filter tiny impurities: solder paste, flux, rosin and pollutants)