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Selective Soldering Machine

Dimension (L*W*H) 2453 x 1733 x 1645mm
Transport Width Adjustment 50mm - 450mm
Transport Width Adjustment Mode Automation
PCB Size 510 x 450mm
PCB Transport Direction Left to Right
Conveyor Fix Mode Front
Conveyor Height 850 ± 20
Flux & Preheating Module Transport Speed 11m/min
Solder Model Transport Speed 9.8m/min
Top Heator Power 4kW
Bottom Heator Power 4.8kW
Top & Bottom Heator Voltage 220V
Maximum Solder Temperature 350°C
Maximum Solder Wave Height 5mm
Position Accuracy ± 0.15mm
Maximum Pot Moving Speed 5.8m/min
Control System 3-axis with servo drives