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Laser Marking System Machine

Total Laser Marking Area 460mm X 460mm
Marking Size 105mm X 105mm
Typical Marking Time 1 second based on 3mm X 3mm data matrix code
Marking Position Accuracy ± 0.5mm
Minimum Cell Size 0.127mm (5mil)
Laser Power 20W
Laser Life Time 45,000 hours
Laser Wave Length 10μm (Typical)
Laser Source Synrad Raylase Scan Head CDRH Class 4
Marking Angle 0° - 360°
Marking Type Data Matrix, ECC200, ID Linear Bar Code, QR Code, Code 39, Code 128, Alphabet, Number, Logo and Graphic.
In Line Code Reading System Additional 500MP Basler CCD with Code Reading Software (Optional)
Application Software Raylase Weldmark Software
Database Archives On Line Shop Floor System (Optional with Code Reading System)
Data Processing Backup, Restore, Sharing and Integration
Top and Bottom Marking Servo Moto Mechanical Flipping (Optional)
Loading and Unloading Time 6 second (Typical)