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◆ Soldering Machine
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  • Free Combination of preheating module can be arbitrary chosen hot air and infrared preheating Preheat diverse portfolio
  • Maximum transport capacity of the entire rail 60kg, meet the demanding production needs
  • Low tin slag amount of oxidation, new wave nozzle design, tin furnace has automatic access lifting function
  • Regional Selective spray flux can save more than 70%
  • Free combination of preheating module can be arbitrarily chosen hot air and infrared preheating preheat diverse portfolio
  • Segmented transport rail design, 60kg rail transport capacity, the maximum width of products through increased to 610mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 4350 x 1600 x 1730mm
Power Supply 3P5W, 380VAC, 50/60Hz, 63A
Power 80kW
Total Power 45kW
Working Power Approx. 12.5kW
Control System PC + PLC
Preheating Zone No. 4
Preheating Length 2480mm
Preheating Temp. Room temp - 250°C
PCB Size 50~450mm
Height Top: 120mm; Bottom: 25 ± 5mm
Speed 300~1800mm/min
Entry Height 750 ± 20mm (optional: 900 ± 20mm)
Conveyor Angle 4°~7°
Conveyor Motor Power 90W 3P 220VAC